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At Bee Seen our primary focus is on Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing use sets of rules called algorithms to determine how websites should be listed on their search engine. Factors such as your web design, text, headings, pictures, etc. are all factored to determine how relevant your website is in the search engines.

BeeSeen optimizes your website to so that your business website will be listed above your competition.
When a potential customers searches for your business if you are not on the first page of the search engine you
are not being seen. If you are not being seen, you are losing business!

Search Engine vs. Pay Per Click

BeeSeen also offers Pay Per Click Management (PPC). When you sign on for a pay per click program you define a budget you are willing to spend. We will customize your account so that you receive the most Return on your Investment.

Pay per Click is much faster than Search Engine Optimization, unlike effective SEO you are paying for every click with PPC. Initially PPC should be used to drive traffic to your website while your SEO is being updated. The goal is to perfect your SEO so that you are driving free clicks from potential customers to your website and being seen above your competition.

What to Expect from our Search Engine Optimization

There are multiple companies willing to do SEO for your business, so why should you choose BeeSeen?

1.) Hands On: Bee Seen does our SEO by hand, many companies send your website through an automated software that generates recommended changes. We believe if you are paying for us to work for you, we should work for you. A live person will be handling the decisions on your website.

2.) Price: BeeSeen keeps our pricing competive. Many SEO companies hundreds to thousands more a month than BeeSeen. Not only are our prices fair, but they deliver.

3.) Maintenance: Often times an SEO company will continue to charge you the standard fee to maintain your website positioning. What they dont tell you is this is unnecessary. After your initial goals are reached BeeSeen will re-evaluate your account for a reduced maintenance plan. This insures you maintain your competitive edge without spending unnecessary money.

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